Who's Your Tribe?

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2019

I remember Saturdays as a young girl going outside to play and searching the neighborhood for other  children to play with.  Playtime was always more fun  with  a  group.  We would play tag, ride skateboards, race on our bikes, or play jump rope. Do  you remember those days?  What  was your favorite game?  Who did you play it with?  

Children thrive on gathering together for fun, whether it’s recess during the school day  or in playing in the  neighborhood on the weekends.  Children thrive through  connection with one another.  Yet, somewhere along the way, as adults, we buy into  the myth of individualism.  We begin to compete instead of collaborate, thinking in  terms of scarcity of  resources, recognition and accomplishment instead  of abundance.   

Yet, to live out our purpose in life requires that we gather with others of like mind, heart  and purpose.  We gather our tribes or teams and commit to the journey together.  Who will be on your journey with you?    

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I've always enjoyed team sports.  There's something deeply satisfying about  practicing, persevering, and winning together as a team.  Today, our two sons, Isaac  and Aaron play competitive baseball.  While there are individual  moments of batting or  pitching, baseball is a team  sport.  It requires collaboration and commitment to  cultivate  a great  baseball  team like  the 2015  Kansas City Royals who won the  World  Series.  It is  a  myth that we accomplish greatness alone. Greatness is cultivated together in tribes.   

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea or passion. A group needs only three things to be a tribe: a shared interest, committed people, and a way to communicate. Tribes also need leadership. Sometimes one person leads, sometimes more. People want connection and growth and something new. 

There are tribes everywhere now, inside and outside of organizations, in public and in private, in nonprofits, in classrooms, and across the world. Every one of these tribes is yearning for leadership and connection. This is an opportunity for you—an opportunity to find or assemble a tribe and lead it. The question isn’t, Is it possible for me to do that? Now, the question is, Will I choose to do it?  Will I decide to lead?

Here are examples of tribes.

  • Women who are beginning yoga.
  • 3rd grade math teachers.
  • Men who love to build houses.
  • Parents of boys who play competitive baseball. 

The choices are limitless…

My tribe is people, especially women, who are ready to claim their purpose, define their tribe, and be empowered to change the world by sharing their message.

Need help defining your Tribe?  Download your FREE “Tribes” Worksheet here ---> Download Now

You'll decide if your Tribe is men, women (or both).  You’ll define their age, interests, and challenges.  Your tribe will be unique just as every leader is different. The very nature of leadership is that you’re not doing what’s been done before.  

So, you can choose to lead, or not. You can choose to have faith, or not. You can choose to contribute to the tribe, or not.  I’m here to support you.

I’d love to hear what you discover and support your journey in defining your tribe and pivoting towards your purpose. Email me back: [email protected]

All My Best, 

Coach Lia

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