Who's Your Tribe?

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2019

I remember Saturdays as a young girl going outside to play and searching the neighborhood for other  children to play with.  Playtime was always more fun  with  a  group.  We would play tag, ride skateboards, race on our bikes, or play jump rope. Do  you remember those days?  What  was your favorite game?  Who did you play it with?  

Children thrive on gathering together for fun, whether it’s recess during the school day  or in playing in the  neighborhood on the weekends.  Children thrive through  connection with one another.  Yet, somewhere along the way, as adults, we buy into  the myth of individualism.  We begin to compete instead of collaborate, thinking in  terms of scarcity of  resources, recognition and accomplishment instead  of abundance.   

Yet, to live out our purpose in life requires that we gather with others of like mind, heart  and purpose....

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Time to Pivot?

passion pivot time values Jan 25, 2019

After a decade of working as a business leader and marketing professional I secretly battled feelings of being trapped, powerless, and insignificant.  I experienced the adventure of overseas travel, yet the boredom of day to day mundane tasks.  I enjoyed the perks of a comfortable salary,  yet something in my soul told me I was created for more, much more. Maybe you’re also stuck in a rut of daily activities, all of which may be good and necessary, but are not the fullness of who you really are. 

I’m grateful you’re here. 

If you’re like me you’re committed to making the lives of others better at home, work, church, and in the world. Yet, you’re quietly suffering. Outwardly, you’re smiling but inwardly, you’re exhausted and wondering if there is more to life. As Richard Rohr in his book Falling Upward writes, “We know there is a further journey, an invitation from our soul, or even a...

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